Use paypal for African Djembe Drums, Goatskins, and Professional Mali Percussion. djembe drum from Mali Hawkdancing Clay Altar Pottery, Goddess Sculpture and Fine Crafts. Google+ Professional Djembe Drums and Mali Percussion.
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African Djembe Drums

Two master craftsmen

djembe drum from Mali

Our Favorite Websites

Artwork Sites:

Sunshine Artist Home of the outdoor exhibiting artist's magazine

JBL Statues Importers of deity statues and info resource

Quilting Magazine Martine House's Online fiber magazine


A Touch of Glass Our great PSG neighbors with awesome Pagan themed stained glass by Diane

Gretchen's Spirit Dolls Our good friend and the best dollmaker around!

Brickyard Pottery Gallery in NW Wisconsin

Francene Hart Visionary artist, we own several of her pieces!

Waterhawk Creations, Goddess, Mystical and Spiritual Art. Don Waterhawk and Daniella both are Spiritual Leaders, and create the most beautiful Altar and Ritual Tools & one of a kind pieces!

Emerald Rose    Pagan/Celtic Folk Rock band from Georgia.


Texas Drums Community Page Home of "Happy", texas info and links to everything you want to know!

Drum Circles OMMADAWN's Listing of drum circles, find one wherever you are!

Babatunde Olatunji Site dedicated to a drum Master.

The Ethnic Musical Instrument Co.Good source for fish and light goat hides of mideastern origin, ethnic instruments.

Arthur Hull A Leader of the drum circle movement, learn to pull diamonds flip book.

CWW Page Get a rhythm every week!

Djembe List All the FAQ's answered, you can now join a list or drum!
John Yost's

Rhythm Revolution and Illinois drumming Calendar

Holy Goat Percussion A Chicago resource for African percussion, repair, workshops and performances.



Circle Sanctuary Wisconsin nature spirituality organization.

Four Quarters Farm Proposed site of djembe list convention fourth of July.

E.L.F. Lore Family Yes, Marge,.. the elves are alive and living very well in Indiana.

Terrance Mckenna Land The Ozone as the path to shamanic enlightenment.

Dancing Bear A joyful look at spirituality.

Starhawk The homepage of this famous author and spiritual leader.

and Reclaiming the group she helped found....

Rainbow No page can represent them but this comes close.

CAWeb Church of All Worlds, a network of information, mythology, and experience.

New Universe wonderful spiritual sounds

House of Breathings Celebrate Celtic Spirituality, Contemplative Prayer, and English Mysticism...

Susan Weed Herbal Medicine and Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way

Fire Rituals! My article about our experience with large scale fire rituals!

Goddess Billboards The page I posted of bill boards with a Goddess theme!

Abbots Bromley Horn Dance The ancient symbolic dance I teach and perform!

THE GIRL WHO MARRIED THE FOREST A Beltane story by Steven Posch

The Witches Voice The largest compilation of resources for Wiccans on the net.

M Macha NightMare Spiritual leader, speaker, and ritualist in the Reclaiming tradition.


Cool Stuff:

Summer Festival Calendar The most complete list of oudoor nature spirit events.

Pyromaniacs Unite! Home of the Burning Man, an inspirational site.

Roadside America Find those places you want to stop at before you drive by.

Archee Mcphee Where else can you find glow-in-the-dark skeleton maracas?

NSA Archives Prove every conspiracy theory you ever imagined.

If you like Festivals with Music, Drumming, and Ritual!

Pennsic War

 Aug 5-20  PA

Pagan Spirit Gathering

  Mid June  Athens, OH

 Free Spirit

 June 14-18  Maryland

 Gathering of the Tribes

 Early May  Yorktown, VA

Rites of Spring

 End of May  Massachusetts


 Mid Feb  Detroit - hotel

 The Sacred Harvest Festival

 Aug 16-21  Southern Minnesota
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