Sacred Fire Circle In Paradise

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Welcome Home!     Registration is at the regular $130 Rate.

NOTE* If you wish to apply for a scholarship to subsidize at least part if your attendance (just your food cost averages $65), complete and submit this form and describe your situation in the 'Additional Information' text box at the bottom of form. We will contact you and discuss your need. Participants who can help another attend financially can donate with Paypal payment.

*Note 5.5% Wisconsin sales tax is added to your complete purchase. We are a licensed and inspected temporary campground.

  $130 Register One Adult for Sacred Fire Circle

  $260 Register Two adults for Sacred Fire Circle(put second adult info in text box above!)

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Add $10, I plan to be an Early Village Builder!
I will arrive BEFORE NOON a day early and have 3 extra meals.
**This is a great way to get integrated into the site and event before the mass arrival!

Need Airport to Site Transportation - $15
Need Site to Airport Transportation - $15
(Available from MSP airport on Thursday noon, Sunday 6pm arrive at airport only.

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Vegetarian only please!

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*Note : SFC in Paradise chefs can accommodate vegetarian and gluten free diets. Other limitations may require you bringing menu substitutes/supplements and your kitchen participation to keep you healthy! Wild flowers and goldenrod are in abundance, bring medication if you have allergies!

I need medical electricity - $10.
(Please use batteries if possible. this restricts your camping options in Paradise!)

There is NO STAFF at this event. It is created through your service.
    Which Service Group would you Prefer?
    Each participant works with a team to provide for our fire community.

    Daytime: Physical circle care, raking, portas cleaned and candles placed, empty trash, refill hand wash stations, maintain paths. refill water jugs at food altar
    Maintain re-stock food altar and Circle water

    Daytime: Maintain Circle and gateway decorations, meditation station, re-stock circle candles, prepare peat base of cauldron and create Rangoli with guidance of *spirit team
    Night: Maintain candles, transformation/meditation stations

    Daytime: sunbathe solar path lights(place in evening) , Firewood split, nights wood stacked in circle for both fires, Refill torches, Refill fire water jugs
    Night: tend sacred fire and keep alive, Moisten peat as needed

    Daytime: offer kitchen help , carry meals out, Set seating tags, help with kitchen cleanup, Maintain wash stations (dishes), Refill water jugs at dining area, Collect tea/herbs/water prepare for root fire tea.
    Night: Make sure tea happens!

***At this SFCircle a Spirit team forms each day to create a ritual procession, opening and closing ritual, and Rangoli theme.

Digital Signature :
By initialing the box at right, I affirm I will not bring or use prohibited substances, I am attending for personal transformation, and will fully help co-create this event. I will arrive as specified between 1pm and 6pm Thursday I agree I will not hold this event liable for loss or injury and I understand I will be required to sign a waiver of liability upon arrival at the event. I understand I could be compelled to leave the event, without refund, should I violate this affirmation.

(Smoking tobacco use is allowed in designated areas, please bring nicotine alternatives if needed)
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You will be sent complete event information by email by July 5th, please be patient!
Refunds are available July 8th only, minus a $25 service fee!

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NOTE* If you wish to apply for a scholarship to subsidize at least part if your attendance, complete this form and write about your situation in the 'Additional Information' text box at the bottom of form. We will contact you and discuss your need.

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Help get the word out! Please download and print this Sacred Fire Circle In Paradise .pdf information
Color Poster or 1/4 Page Handout
or this Three Fold Informational Brochure!
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