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Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns

Much of the work is in stock for immediate shipment. Custom work can take between 2-8 weeks to get it just as you want. We use US Postal Service Priority Air with tracking for lightweight orders. One item jewelry orders or orders under 16 ounces are shipped US Postal Service Priority Air with tracking for a flat rate of $6.00 . Our listed shipping price is our best guess based on experience. If the shipping cost is way out of whack, we will adjust the total at time of shipment to reflect just slightly over our actual cost. This shopping program totals the expected weight of each item you order and then figures the shipping, so buying several items saves you money! Most items fall between $6.00 and $9.50.
To get an estimate from the USPS, CLICK HERE.

OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: You can request overnight delivery in your order process comments, but know it is costly! Expect $24-$30 shipping for even small items. Know my local post office does not offer overnight service, so I have to drive 20 miles to get overnight service and you pay for that as well!

Either your order is shipped within five business days (often the day after you place the order), or we inform you of the status of your order, exact total, and shipping date.

You can always call 715-263-2756, send us a message using our contact page for detailed communication about your order. If our cart ordering system fails you, just call us!

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: I do ship internationally, but by air it is expensive and each country has size and weight limitations. I will get you a quote, if you request one, or get an estimate from the USPS, CLICK HERE.
To ship a djembe drum, the only reasonable method is USPS priority air. For a list of countries that have a 108 inch length + girth size limit to accomodate a djembe,

EXAMPLE: International Shipping to
Great Britain
Typical Item Average Weight Estimated cost
Small hip scarf, jewelry 1 lbs. $24
Velvet scarf, hair on goatskin, five calendars 2 lbs. $35
pottery plate, 4 -hair off goat skins 3 lbs. $40
several small items, 5-hair on goat skins 5 lbs. $65
typical djembe drum 25 lbs $110

My Return Policy is that any item may be returned in good condition within ten days for any reason. Returned items should be packed well and sent by insured carrier prepaid for a full merchandise credit or refund. I want you to be satisfied, as nearly all folks are, but you pay the shipping to decide.
Estimated Continental USA Shipping Table
Total Weight
of order
USPS Priority Air Cost
Up to 1lb $7.00
1-2lbs $8.00
2-3lbs $13.00
3-5lbs $19.00
25-35lbs $29.00
35-50lbs $45.00
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