Goatskin | Goat Skin Hides for African Djembe Drum Head Replacement

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African Djembe Drums

Two master craftsmen

djembe drum from Mali

Djembe, Doumbek, and Bodhran Hoop Drum Goat Skins

top quality hides from Mali, Africa and Pakistan.

Medium to large goat skins. Beautiful colors; predominately white and brown, some black, mottled, pinto, red or yellowish brown with dark accents.

These goat skins are selected early in the morning at the Bamako market. Rejected is any skin with faults such as cuts, holes, scars or buttons. Skins are than cleaned and scraped,and disinfected to kill bacteria. During the sun drying process, the skins are stretched to remove wrinkles. After drying, the outside parts are cut away and skins are stocked for International shipment.

African djembe drum Goat Skins heads Mali, and Pakistan. Calf skin for doumbeks and hoop drums

Djembe Drum Goat Skins from Mali - Hair On

Clean goat skin, with no dust or residue. Specify color and thickness preference on ordering. These are the tough, beautiful African Djembe goat skins that produce those firecracker slaps and clear tones you've longed for! Why not use what the professionals play on!

Top quality female goat skins from Mali!

 Hand selected skin for your preferences- each
Sorry, Out of Stock!

Shaved Mali Djembe Drum Goat Skins

Mali African goat skins, Goatskin Hides for African Djembe Drum Head Replacement.
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The same great skins but clean and coarse shaved skins ready to head your drum. These are hand selected cut rounds, minimum of 23 inches diameter.

Now only $36.00!

*Note: For $3 extra (select option while ordering) you can get hand selected hides with spots that carry through on to the skin! Sand them gently to preserve the spots!

purchase  African Djembe Drum Head Replacement Goatskin Hides  Mali Djembe Drum Head Replacement Goatskin Hides

 Hand selected by preference $36.00
 Buy five goat skins at a time $160
 Select Spotted Skins $39 each

Never replaced a natural goat skin drum head before? Check my ReHeading page for full instructions, tips for use, and photos!

Doumbek and Bodhran Skins from Pakistan

I've established direct connections with several Pakistan goat skin suppliers!
Available in 2" increments from 8" to 22" *Note: these are stretched skins as they are dried in uneven shapes. but each can have the proper circle cut from them!
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pakistan shaved goat skin, drum skins for doumbeks and hoop drums

  • 8" Diameter $3.99
  • 10" Diameter $5.99
  • 12" Diameter $6.99
  • 14" Diameter $9.49
  • 16" Diameter $12.99
  • 18" Diameter $16.99
  • 20" Diameter $19.99
  • 26" Diameter $34.99
  • 30" Diameter $45.99
  • 36" Diameter $64.99
Inquire for Quantity discounts on orders over $200
[ CALL 715-263-2756 ]

Goatskins direct from Pakistan

These are mainly used for doumbeks, but heavy weight goat skins are also available for hoop drums and tie dying.

People sometimes ask me, "Are these animals raised humanely using cruelty free methods?"

Both the goat skins from Pakistan and Africa come from cultures for which goats are the main source of meat and milk. As such they are treated as valuable assets for a family, and are generally freely grazed. They aren't killed for their skin, generally for meat and ceremonial use...nearly every cultural event requires a goat be killed and eaten to verify the importance of the event. In my book this is humane..they are neither kept confined, made to suffer, or disrespected ...they are valuable parts of an agrarian culture and all parts are used.

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