Djembe Drum Accessories and Drum Building Supplies

Use paypal for African Djembe Drums, Goatskins, and Professional Mali Percussion. djembe drum from Mali Hawkdancing Clay Altar Pottery, Goddess Sculpture and Fine Crafts. Google+ Professional Djembe Drums and Mali Percussion.
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African Djembe Drums

Two master craftsmen

djembe drum from Mali

Professional Djembe Drum Accessories - Building Supplies - Drummers Gifts

Drum Building Supplies:

Djembe Drum Rope Pullers
Try our Bulk Drum Rope, 3/16 in. double weave polyester black. Tough low stretch rope, soft on the hands! Buy a roll or in 25 foot increments.
Djembe Drum Rope Puller 
Tired of sore hands keeping your drum in top shape? Get a drum rope gripper puller cleat to grip the rope for you and make the job easy!
Drum Rope Puller bar tool
Steel bar with rope cleat for tightening drum verticals! Pull drums to playing tightness with few diamonds needed. Saves your back and your hands. Our heavy duty design keeps the cleat low to the rope for easy insertion and pulling with out drum damage. Instructions included. Patent Pending.

Mali African Djembe Drum Head Replacement Goatskin Hides
 African Djembe Drum Head Replacement Goatskin Hides

Djembe Drum Accessories

professional cloth drum bags for djembes    Padded Djembe cases, Head Covers, Djembe Straps, Ksink ksinks, Dunun Sticks 

Specialties and Gifts:

Djembe Drum Accessories drummers Djembe Necklace  Djembe Drum Accessories shea dragon butter balm for drummers  Gold or Silver
Drummers Djembe Necklace Pendant

Dragon Butter

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