Drum Repair Tips for Djembes, Doumbeks, Bodhrans, and Hoop Drums

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Repair Tips for the Wood Djembe Drum, Clay Doumbek, or Hoop Drum

These tips can help you attempt to make your own repairs. If your drum is damaged, get it back to playing condition, or send it to me and I will fix it! A drum in a closet is totally useless!

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Drum Rebuild Instructions

Drum Repair Tips for Djembes, Doumbeks, Bodhrans, and Hoop Drums

Repair djembe wood splits and cracks, goat hide holes and tears, and ceramic cracks and breaks.djembe, doumbek, hoop, goat skin hides for repairing drums

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Tips for Repairing Wood Drum Shells:

  • To fill voids, use "Plastic Wood" wood putty - it is sandable and takes stain
  • Belt sand some wood off the bottom of drum, mix dust with white glue as a color matched filler.
  • Large loose but clean cracks all the way through shell. Spread split and work white glue thoroughly into crack using a piece of plastic shopping bag see-sawed through the crack to work the glue in. Then clamp with loop clamp, or wrap with loop of drum rope and use a hammer to tighten like a tourniquet.
  • Fine cracks - fill with five minute epoxy and dremel excess off when dry using a "teardrop" grinding bit.
  • For extra large wood repair or filler pick up some two part sandable/stainable wood filler.

Tips for Repairing Drum Skin:

  • Fill pin holes, and small cracks, nicks, or cuts with Super Glue Gel - lightly sand flush when dry.
  • Patch over large holes and tears with a scrap of goat skin super glued thoroughly under the area. Use a dowel to place skin patch on underside of head in tight quarters. Put a bit of poster putty on dowel end, stick patch to it, and load up with super glue. Eye it up with hole and hold in place for a couple minute, then it will stick and pull off the dowel.
  • A blob of "Shoe Goo", shoe repair silicone product under a damaged area can delay repairs.
  • Calf or Cow skin tears can be stopped from opening further by reinforcing tear ends with a blob of "Shoe Goo".

Tips for Repairing Ceramic Drums:

  • Pieces can be super glued or epoxied in place.
  • Use "Oatly 2 part Epoxy Putty" to back up cracks or thin spots on ceramic drums.

Tips for Replacing Doumbek Skins:

  • Keep hand oils off the surface gluing hide onto- steam clean old head off.
  • Soak hide for less than 30 minutes in room temperature water.
  • Press excess water off hide between paper sheets or cloth before gluing.
  • Use white glue, yellow moisture resistant, or low drip wood glue - no other!
  • Thicken glue with a little flour if necessary.
  • Vise grips can grab slippery hide better than fingers.
  • Use large radiator style clamps pulled tight, pull skin as tight as possible, then tighten clamps more!
  • Leave a damp sponge in center of hide to relieve shrinkage stress pull as the glue edge dries.
  • LEAVE HIDE CLAMPED FOR TWO FULL DAYS - it takes time for glue to cure to full strength.
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