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Pan Horns, Satyr Goat Horns,

custom colored polymer clay costume goat horns

Horns O' Plenty has a new product out!

"Pan" Horns!

 wearable Pan Horns, custom colored polymer clay costume goat horns Marcy has been busy! She took on a cart at the Michigan Renaissance Fair and sold thousands of these Pan horns. Created with sculpey Polymer clay using techniques developed at the Texas Ren Fair, these whimsical horns delight children and adults alike. Pan, the light hearted, pipe playing, goat footed figure in mythology, never looked this good. Light weight and durable, they are tied under the hair with a soft brown nylon cord.
Greek Roman God Pan, horn wearing seducer                 Goat footed god pan wears these horns                 Pan horns, costume horns, head horns

Nubbins (Flesh colored only) - $12          Virgins (Flesh colored with brown accents only)- $14                Fire Horns - $16

Fire design pan horns These are the "fire" designs. Most popular is varying combination of Black with red swirl tips. These combinations of color with black are all called fire. The red and hot pink almost glow in the dark at dusk and are highly visible! Select Fire, and then color when ordering.
These are just a few of the colors available! Single colored are most popular in Black, Red, Purple, and Orange, but all colors available. The multi color swirls are usually done in similar shades or complementary colors. Top of the line are Glitter Horns ( No photo ), various colors rolled in glitter. Very beautiful and shimmery at night.
Pan horns                  pan horns                 pan horns on hat
Not enough hair? then just spread 'em wide !                              Women wear them proudly!!!!                              or add them to a hat!

You can custom order these if you are really particular, and can wait a few weeks,
otherwise state your preferences at ordering and we'll send you the closest on hand!

Nubbins: 1" round tips (emerging horns, flesh colored only)
Virgin Pan Horns (flesh colored only)
All regular Colors and Twists
NEW Glitter covered Pan Horns

  $12a pair

Click ORDER in feather link image below!

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