SOLAR LUNAR CALENDAR | Planting Astrology Guide for Gardening by the Sun and Moon

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SOLAR LUNAR CALENDAR - Planting Guide for Gardening by Sun and Moon

Time In a Circle...

This unique, useful and decorative wall calendar, in production since 1977, places the 365 days of the year on a circle, in a graphic representation of the cyclical nature of the passage of time. Designed primarily to aid gardening, farming, and other household activities, the Solar Lunar Calendar also serves to orient us all to the cycles of the Moon, Sun and Earth. The ancient formulas are reproduced in modern format with a blend of artistry and precision, showing the sun and moon sign changes, moon phases, and significant solar and lunar eclipses for each day of the year. The Hebrew lunar months add emphasis to the new moons, helping us orient to lunar timekeeping. In addition, the planting and harvesting key quickly and easily pin points the most favorable times to plant vegetables, root crops and flowers, and when to reap the harvest. This garden guide, along with the beauty and appeal of this temporal, yet eternal cyclical mandala, keeps this 19" x 25" poster calendar in demand well into the growing season.

The Calendar Plant/Harvest Guide includes:

-The best and favorable days to plant flowers.
-The best and favorable days to plant root crops, bulbs, and trees.
-The best days to plant for above ground growth, to graft, transplant, prune, or irrigate.
-The best days to harvest crops for drying or storage.
-The best days to cultivate, destroy noxious growths, or cut wood!

The art is printed in full color with soy inks on Domtar Cougar paper, which is produced chlorine-free with 10% recycled post- consumer waste, and certified by Rainforest Alliance and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

This Years 2016 image by
Wisconsin Artist Alvin Felch

Image at Center Described:

Four Resolutions for Revolution of Consciousness

ReEnchant Kosmos
ReInhabit Paradise
ReExamine our Like-Denying. Life- Destroying Lifestyles
Realize Transpersonal Consciousness

Solar Lunar Calendar Planting Astrological Guide for Gardening by Sun and Moon phases, harvest crops, transplant, cultivate, prune, and irrigate

SOLAR LUNAR CALENDAR $21.50 postpaid
garden Guide to harvest crops, transplant, cultivate, prune, and irrigate

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As Above, so Below; the Kingdoms of Night and Light,
of Earth and Sky, cycle endlessly and change ever anew.
 The Solar Lunar Calendar is produced by horticulturalists in the Kickapoo River Valley living close with the Earth, working for Her healing, and seeking right livelihood.
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